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Members of Pannlife Clothing

Warren Boone aka Wizz is the Founder and Fashion Designer of Pannlife Clothing along with both of his Business Partners Izon & Tru-L. Warren had a challenging upbringing in Boston inner city streets. Faced with gang violence, crimes, and doing whatever it took to survive in the forgotten neighborhoods, Warren found himself like so many of our under served youths, imprisoned at an age when his only care should have been making a school team sport, rather than trying to figure out a way to care for his ailing mom and surviving in a violent neighborhood. Pannlife represents the hardships of living in an inner-city, that is seems most of the world choose to ignore.

Pannlife is about sending troupes through fashion and urban education rather than overseas to fight for resources that isn’t on Native soil. Pannlife is about celebrating ethnic struggles, and overcoming societal obstacles. Pannlife employ local people in the community. Pannlife is synonymous with first chance ,brotherly love, and opportunity, because many people never believed they were ever given a fair first chance, so second chances is not what Pannlife represents.

Warren believes he will give his community the first opportunity of quality urban gear at affordable prices, new opportunities, and community support. Pannlife is about taking the mental shackles of our young community future leader’s minds so they can start living the dream that our great leaders like Martin Luther King JR. and Malcom X envisioned. Pannlife, bringing fresh air, and new life to suffocating communities.