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Name: Young 'R Beatz

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Team: Fatal Family

Postion: Producer

Record Label: Fatal Entertainment LLC.

Mixtape Credicts: 2 tracks on "Tha General 2" (More Hurt Feelingz) & 7 tracks on "Extended Family"

Productions: Tru-L "About That" , Fatal Family "Bounce And Shake" , & more!

Website: www.therealfatalfamily.com

Manager: Marie Carthon

Booking Info: Fatelentbooking@gmail.com

See the man behind the machine Young 'R Beatz who has produced 2 songs on "Tha General 2" (More Hurt Feelingz) for Tru-L & 8 songs on the latest "Extended Family" compilation for Fatal Family. To purchase any productions for Serious Inquires Only! contact Fatalentbooking@gmail.com