Fatal Family consist of 10 members six recording artists , a Hypeman , a DJ , & two in house producers. With the company CEO making the decision back in 2011 of recruiting new members to the roster these brothers from another mother all came together to form a much better movement then before under the same name. Now introducing the faces of the double F's Tru-L , Hypeman Miggy Tha 4"3 Giant , Choziah , A.k Jones , Jay 'R Da Prince , DoehBoii Craziie , Bruce Aaron , Dj Magic City , Young 'R Beatz , & C.Louis Beats. This here is 11 members representing five different states three from Massachusetts , three from Illinois one , from New York City , two from Alabama , & one from Texas. FATAL ENTERTAINMENT LLC. Presents "FATAL FAMILY" new highly anticipated Debut Compilation Mixtape "EXTENDED FAMILY" Includes the singles Trill , Bounce And Shake , Doing Numbers , & Best Kept Secret. Sponsored by our official website www.therealfatalfamily.com Free download will be available Friday January 3 , 2014 on www.madmixtapes.com go get it.